1. .  Recently, a number of Charbonneau residents received a notice of an upcoming Land Use Hearing from Clackamas County regarding a proposal by a resident on Airport Road to make a Home Occupation Exception.  Only residents within 2,640 feet of the property received the notice, although the issue has the potential to affect all of Charbonneau.  After careful consideration, the attached letter from Charbonneau Country Club was submitted to the county, strongly urging that, for a number of reasons, the application be denied.  Please see the attached proposal and the response letter from CCC.

Home Occupation Exception Application Z0286-23-HOEX

Response to Land Use Notice _ Z0286-23-HOEX – Home Occupation Exception Application

  1. The Oregon Department of Aviation (ODA) has made available a brief Customer Satisfaction Survey.  As neighbors of the Aurora Airport, we are most certainly considered customers of the ODA, and a survey of your level of satisfaction is very important.  The survey is very brief (10 questions) with room for comments.  Please take a few moments to respond to the on-line survey using the attached link and let the ODA know your opinion of the Aurora Airport.  Many Charbonneau residents have expressed concerns about proposed expansion plans for the airport, as well as the “flyover noise” created when planes fly directly over Charbonneau.  Now is the time to make the ODA aware of your opinion.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either Anne Shevlin, President Charbonneau Board of Directors, at a.shevlin@charbonneaucountryclub.com, or Jim Meierotto, General Manager, at jim@charbonneaucountryclub.com