Dear Neighbors,

We know there has been a lot of communication coming from ODOT about tolling and other important issues.  Your feedback is vital and appreciated on this topic.  
ODOT’s I-5 Boone Bridge Open House event last Thursday on Nov 16 was well attended, and we need to provide our comments to ODOT. The event was an update on the process to build and ask public feedback on the design of a new I-5 Boone Bridge and bike/ped facility; some residents were disappointed that the event did not address proposed tolling of I-5 and I-205.
Your response to both the I-5 Boone Bridge Replacement Project Comment Form AND the I-5 Boone Bridge Replacement Project Bicyclist and Pedestrian Bridge Use survey are very important. Your comments impact the future of both projects! We want to convey three points and encourage you to fill out both of the surveys. They are both short and will take only a few minutes to complete.
These surveys are not about funding, or Tolling. These two surveys are about our community’s priorities for the functions and features of the Boones Bridge replacement and what we want for a bike/ped (and motorized golf cart) option. Please don’t blast them about Tolling in the comments here – If that is your point of view, you will have the opportunity for oral and written comments at the December 14th Joint Transportation Task Force Hearing at Wilsonville City Hall (note the new date, stay tuned for additional details).
Charbonneau, south of the Willamette and other Wilsonville residents need to have their voices heard on these two surveys – remember, the deadline for both surveys is Friday, Dec. 1st – please take a few minutes this week to fill out both surveys. 
Suggested Advocacy Points for I-5 Boone Bridge Replacement Project Bicyclist and Pedestrian Bridge Use survey:
1) Please support the stand-alone French Prairie Bridge at Boones Ferry Park as the preferred Bike/Ped  (and motorized golf cart) River-Crossing (NOT the I-5 Highway Sidewalk attached to the Boone Bridge).
2) It is important for Charbonneau to select ‘Motorized Golf Carts’ as a priority in order to secure this as an allowable use on the future Bike/Ped Bridge; even if you don’t own a golf cart or plan to drive it in to Wilsonville to shop, this will help others in our community to be allowed to do so safely in the future as a viable alternative form of transportation.
3) A stand-alone French Prairie Bike/Ped Bridge can also be used to move emergency vehicles across the river when there is congestion or an accident on the Boone Bridge, the only surface crossing of the Willamette for 26 miles between Oregon City and Newberg.
Due to the concerns expressed by local residents during and following the Open House, the City published an updated news release online “ODOT Seeks Public Feedback on I-5 Boone Bridge Project” in order to encourage more local participation in ODOT’s online surveys.
If you still have concerns about the Nov. 16th Open House or have additional specific questions about either of the surveys, please contact our Salem lobbyist Greg Leo or Charbonneau Board President
Anne Shevlin.

Thank you and have a wonderful holiday.
Anne Shevlin
 President, CCC Board of Directors

Contact Charbonneau’s Salem Lobbyist:
Greg Leo