* Have a backup cell phone charger (fully Charged!)
* Have a supply of batteries for emergency lighting and radio
* Food: non-perishable, easy-to-warm-up items
* Manual can opener
* Camp stove, extra propane
* Know how to open your garage door when the power is off. PRACTICE
THIS! Have a friend or neighbor show you how.

* If you have a gas insert for your fireplace, make sure you know how to
use your remote starter, or how to turn the fire on if your electric starter will
not work.
* AVOID HYPOTHERMIA: Hypothermia is a condition in which a
person’s body temperature has dropped significantly below normal. The very
young and elderly are the most susceptible to developing hypothermia when
exposed to cold temperatures. It can happen quickly! Wear warm, multi-
layered clothing with good hand and feet protection.
*Plug-in Emergency Lights: Plug in bedroom, hallway, kitchen, etc. When the
power goes out they will automatically light up and can be used as a flashlight EX:
Amerelle Emergency Light on Amazon $19.98 for 2.
*RED CROSS EMERGENCY NOAA RADIO: Reports local weather conditions
continually. Recharges with solar and hand crank, can charge cell phone from
rechargeable batteries, led flashlight and red beacon EX: $43.00 on Amazon
*GAS CAMPING STOVE: Compact, portable, camping stoves can be used for
emergency cooking, wide variety of 2 burner styles available. Shop online for best