Charbonneau Country Club
32000 SW Charbonneau Drive
Wilsonville, OR 97070
P: 503-694-2300
F: 503-694-5783

Outdoor Tennis/Pickleball Membership Available

As was announced in the April Charbonneau Villager newspaper, to obtain better utilization of the outdoor tennis courts, a new membership type is being implemented for Charbonneau residents only.  The new membership allows tennis and pickleball on the outdoor courts.  The pickleball is being implemented on a trial basis.

The following is the fee structure for the new outdoor membership:

  • First-time members can join at any time during the yuear assuming a prorated dues fee.  Existing members must renew their membership by year end, else they must pay an initiation fee
  • Pro-rated Aug- Oct 1 Single memberships:  $40 
  • Pro-rated Aug-Oct 1  Family memberships (including grandchildren):  $60
  • Once this membership type has been tested and no longer in a trial state, new members in 2020, will be required to pay a $100 initiation fee in addition to the annual dues.
  • Members may obtain refunds amounting to 50% of their dues if they cancel their membership during the months of May and June 2019.

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