Charbonneau Country Club
32000 SW Charbonneau Drive
Wilsonville, OR 97070
P: 503-694-2300
F: 503-694-5783
Charbonneau Country Club was informed by the City of Wilsonville that residents or their lawn care company must remove any leaves that they blow or rake into the street immediately, that same day, so the street sweepers can do their job efficiently. City of Wilsonville Code Enforcement will be issuing citations to any resident that does not comply. To avoid receiving a citation from the City, please remove leaves promptly. To assist with leaf removal efforts, on November 13, 14, & 15, the City of Wilsonville will place a leaf dumpster in the Village Center parking lot for residents to dispose of any leaves they collect. Please note: Commercial Landscape Dumping is Prohibited. Private Homeowner use ONLY (Homeowner must be person to dump debris in this bin). Please restrict input to leaves only, no branches, wood, other landscape material and no plastic trash bags.