Charbonneau Country Club
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Wilsonville, OR 97070
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FYI:  On Saturday, October 24, at 9am, the Aurora Fire Department is planning a training exercise that will include the burning of a building. You may notice some smoke at that time.

Charbonneau Festival of the Arts Goes Virtual

As most Charbonneau residents have heard, the annual Charbonneau Festival of the Arts, will go online for 2020. With special focus on maintaining the fundraising goals of the event, the popular Silent Auction, normally attended by ticket holders during the Gala! Opening night, will take center stage on October 15-31 to raise funds in support of arts education for students at Wilsonville and Canby high schools. Bidders only need to register their credit card to participate and will only be charged and notified if they win.  We will arrange a COVID-19-safe pickup at the Charbonneau Clubhouse dining room in November.

“Art with Flair—The Virtual Exhibition,” will be on the web for the entire month of October. The decision was made early in the planning process, as it became clear that uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic would make it difficult to plan for an in-person event. Charbonneau Arts is creating a virtual gallery for its artists and artisans, and new this year, will be the Virtual Musical Stage, for jazz and classical musicians to showcase their work. We are also happy to announce there will also be a “Pandemic Art Project” section, open to all ages, and an opportunity to display a piece of art, with the story behind its creation, that speaks to the pandemic or was created during the stay-at-home period. 

For information on the event and to respond to the Open Call to Artists and Musicians, go to

Charbonneau Shuttle Set For Cancellation

South Metro Area Regional Transit (SMART) conducted public outreach for the 2016 Transit Master Plan. From public comment, SMART identified a need for fixed route service to the Charbonneau neighborhood. With additional outreach, SMART heard from neighborhood residents about desired trip destinations and times. In June 2018, SMART began a pilot shuttle service to the neighborhood to accommodate the need. SMART staff promoted the route through targeted marketing and monitored the effectiveness of the route.

After low performance for two years, SMART staff has determined there are more efficient ways to meet the transportation needs of the Charbonneau neighborhood.

SMART would like to hear from the public about any comments or concerns they may have with the discontinuation of the shuttle service. SMART staff is holding a public comment period during the month of October.

A public hearing will be held Monday, November 2nd during the Wilsonville City Council meeting.

Please submit comments to SMART at ATTN: Charbonneau Shuttle, 29799 Town Center Loop E, Wilsonville, OR 97070 or email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at the City’s engagement website