Charbonneau Country Club
32000 SW Charbonneau Drive
Wilsonville, OR 97070
P: 503-694-2300
F: 503-694-5783
Linda Owen

Linda Owen, Director

John  McLain

John McLain, Director

Gary  Newbore

Gary Newbore, President

Steve Switzer

Steve Switzer, Director

Anne Shevlin

Anne Shevlin, Director

Jim Gibbons

Jim Gibbons, Director

Kathy Harp

Kathy Harp, Vice-President

Pat Tewell

Pat Tewell, Secretary

Linda Owen

Linda Owen, Treasurer

Board Meeting Information

The Charbonneau Country Club Board of Directors meets the first Tuesday of each month at 2:00pm at the Charbonneau Clubhouse. The Charbonneau Country Club Annual Meeting is held the third Wednesday of May each year at 6:30 pm at the Charbonneau Clubhouse.

Members are encouraged to attend CCC board meetings. The board agenda regularly includes "Recognition of Visitors" where members may bring association matters to the board's attention. Contact the CCC office staff for more information.

Procedures for the election of CCC Board members:

  1. Not later than the second Tuesday of December, the President shall appoint a Nominating Committee of at least three people. Ideally, the Club's immediate past-President shall be the Chair with one member from the Board and one resident non-member of the Board.
  2. The Nominating Committee shall:
    1. Publicize openings for Board Membership in the January issue of The Charbonneau Villager with a January 31 deadline to submit applications.
    2. Meet with members who submit applications on or before February 15. Select a slate of candidates to fill vacating three-year terms. The number of candidates nominated shall equal the number of positions open. Applicants not nominated shall be notified and may be included on the ballot in accordance with item #3 below.
  3. On or before one week prior to the regular March meeting of the Board, additional nominations from residents may be submitted to the Board for inclusion on the ballot. To be accepted the nominee's application must be in writing and include a biographical sheet citing reasons for wanting to be a Board Member plus supporting signatures of five (5) homeowners eligible to vote as defined in Article IV of the CC&R.
  4. All names shall be placed on a written ballot accompanied with biographical information and the official notification of the Annual Meeting and mailed to all Charbonneau Country Club members according to Article IV, Section 7 of the Country Club By-laws. Ballots shall be placed in an envelope on which shall be the name and address of the voter to allow for verification of voter eligibility.
  5. Ballots may be mailed or delivered to the Club office and must be received at the Club office by 5:00pm on the day of the Annual Meeting. No additional nominations shall be accepted from the floor at the Annual Meeting.
  6. Ballots shall be counted by CCC office staff or other appointees at the discretion of the President. Ballots shall be verified against the membership roster. This function may be accomplished in stages prior to the Annual Meeting. The final voting results shall be given to the President for announcement during the course of the Annual Meeting.