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The Homeowners Associations of Charbonneau Country Club have a plan in place to aid residents in the event of a major disaster that would overwhelm first reponders.  Every home should have a RED Emergency Preparedness Plan folder with basic information about the plan and what first steps to take both in your own home and in your neighborhood, this information is also posted here.

The minumum we are asking of homeowners is that they be prepared to take the "9 steps immediately following a disaster" as noted in these materials.  Please pay particular attention to the DROP, COVER & HOLD instructions.  There is also additional valuable information on 72-hour emergency kits, how to store water, and emergency sanitation.

Included here is a roster of the Emergency Preparendess/Public Safety (EPPS) committee members and a list of contact persons for each HOA in Charbonneau.  Please feel free to contact any of us if you have questions or concerns.  If your home does not have a red Emergency Preparedness folder the best way to receive one is to check the list of HOA Contact Persons and ask for one.  Most of the HOA's have customized the folders for their area, including maps.

We hope you will be part of this important safety plan.  REMEMBER:  In a disaster, your most immediate source of help are the neighbors living around you.

Disaster preparedness starts with you!

Click on any topic below to find information on how you can prepare for an emergency: